One Click Butter Cutter Reviews

" is pretty cool and makes cutting butter for individual servings or a large recipe really easy. Just load the butter in the top of the Butter Cutter and then with each squeeze of your hand, it cuts a perfect little portion of butter."
Team Traeger Blog

"The One Click Butter Cutter has now become, next to my mini food chopper, my absolute favorite kitchen gadget. We use it every day! A stick of unwrapped, cold butter goes in the top. As you squeeze, the butter is pushed down and then a wire [blade] slices across, cutting off a perfect 35 calorie portion! I recommend this gadget! It's fun, it's functional, it does what it says!"

"This is a great gadget. It's easy to use - it does work best with very chilled butter, so refrigerator storage is a must - and easy to clean, another very important factor."
Morning Coffee & Afternoon Tea Blog

"Happy to report it works as advertised; even when the butter was cold, I was easily able to squeeze out a pat. It feels sturdy, too, and is easy to clean."
Carol Mangis of

"Send your money to Paul Wilhelm of Kent, and he will send you a magic box that keeps your crumbs off your butter, keeps your butter off your hands, keeps your kids from the butter knife and keeps your butter knife in your drawer..."
The Hudson Valley News

"We cut up a whole 1/4 pound in seconds!"

"A modernized 'butter dish' that quickly and cleanly serves elegant pats of butter. Easy to operate and clean, functions as advertised and is a handy and clean way to store butter."
Mariette Mifflin,