Different than all the other Butter Cutters the One Click Butter Cutter is also a Butter Dish. You leave your butter in it and only get a slice when you need one.

You may never need to cut an entire bar of butter into slices all at once but you will often need one or two slices for eating or cooking. You will find that you use the One Click Butter Cutter often. It won't be one of those things that just take up space in a drawer and it takes up LESS shelf space in a refrigerator than the standard butter dish.

Even when eating corn I've now started using just a slice from the Butter Cutter. I used to roll the ear of corn on top of a stick of butter and, if you don't mind destroying the bar of butter this is a good way to get a lot of butter on your corn. However, just one slice works quite well although it does take a little skill to keep it from sliding off the corn! Yet, one slice almost seems enough and others don't have to wait for the butter dish.
And, yes, you CAN cut an entire bar into slices in less than a minute!