One Click Butter Cutter

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Cuts the

Cracker Barrel Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese 8oz

Their new thinner
8 oz bars fit
perfectly !

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Butter Cutter easily stores and slices butter.

Store. Measure. Cut. Serve.
ONE CLICK Butter Cutter.

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The Original One Click Butter Cutter is designed for the Elgin-shape 1/4 pound butter stick. More info.

Each slice is about 1/8" thick.

- Holds and slices Butter with a squeeze

- Safe for children to use! Slices can be cut and dispensed with one or two hands

- Uses less refrigerator shelf space

- Keeps Butter Clean

- Keeps Hands Clean

- Seldom Needs Washing

- Easily cleaned in a dishwasher or in warm water

- Cut slices individually as wanted or cut an entire stick of butter into slices in less than one minute!

- Tastefully replaces the ever-greasy butter dish
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One Click Butter Cutter
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A Butter Dish


A Butter Cutter

Do you need a Butter Cutter?

Sure to please!
A slice with a squeeze...

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Colors Available: Red, Yellow, Blue, RW&B/Flag, Gr
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